What We See from the Beltline: Atlanta’s Vision, Resourcefulness, and Cooperation

Originally four disparate, minor railways that were intended to bypass residential Atlanta, these former freight lines now flourish with green and form an “emerald necklace” that connects some of the most desirable Atlanta residential real estate. The Beltline has been called a new branch of Atlanta’s central nervous system, and a magnet for development for the next 100 years.

Scheduled for completion in 2030 and designed to connect 45 neighborhoods with its 22-mile loop, the Beltline already brightens long swaths of intown Atlanta and offers residents a stroll-able, jog-able, bike-friendly way to explore parks, shops, and restaurants. The scale of the project is vast, but the look of it is natural, as if this kind of connection had been meant to be here all along. And the connections it makes are right in line with the desire of residents to spend more time with each other. Already people park their cars and walk the Beltline as a shortcut.

Seeing Unity in the Fragments

The possibilities that stem from connecting these old, industrial pathways were first defined in an architect’s 1999 Master’s thesis. That the Beltline could come so far so fast testifies to how wise the vision was.

Built and abandoned at different times over the course of a hundred years, the railroad rights-of-way only formed a loop accidentally. And the surroundings were equally varied. Thanks to the comprehensive Beltline plan though, the experience of using it will become consistent in many ways, even as the scenery morphs from more traditional Atlanta real estate to luxury condos with hotel-style amenities.

The agility and spirit it took to work together, make this project real and bring it so far is an example of Atlanta’s own style – not just rolled-up sleeves, but people rolling up their sleeves and working together.


So Many Ways to Enjoy

Art strolls past murals and installations; walking tours of the trees, plants, and environment of the Beltline; and walk-up patios serving snacks, lunch, and cocktails are only a few of the ways that Atlanta enjoys its Beltline.

Whether it’s spending time with friends, exploring other neighborhoods, biking, skating, dining, or taking in the largest public art project in the Southeast, your visit to the Beltline surely won’t be your last. This visionary project is already playing a big part in why it’s cool to live in Atlanta. And where it’s cool to live, too.

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Warmest Wishes,

Alis Agayn
Real Estate Advisor
Engel & Völkers Atlanta