It’s time we get a few things straight. YOU enjoy life’s special moments & leave the rest to US.

The idea behind YOU&US is to put emphasis on our promise to take care of every little detail down to the nail while our home-buyers and/or home-sellers are able to enjoy the luxury of weightless real-estate transactions whilst not missing a beat in their every-day lives.

Buying a home is one of the greatest milestones we experience in our lifetime, but the overall experience tends to get watered down as home buyers come in contact with the imminent road blocks. Selling a home isn’t much different. When it comes to finding a family to love your home as much as you did when you first moved in, all the while receiving as much equity as possible on this investment we call “home,” it’s not necessarily a walk in the park. Most people even associate a real estate transaction with having to give up parts of their lives to keep all focus on searching for a home or making adjustments to their current home in order to sell it.

However, when you choose to buy or sell with Engel & Völkers, you are opting in for an experience like no other. An experience that outweighs the rest in the sense that we offer our home-buyers and home-sellers the freedom to enjoy the things that buying or selling a home can take away from such as family and friends and the luxury of avoiding the twists and turns of a real estate transaction that weigh down the traditional buyer and seller. When we choose to do business with you, we are not asking you to give up life’s special moments and give all attention to the transaction – we are actually asking the opposite. We acknowledge each individual moment that a real estate transaction has potential to take away from and encourage you to allow us to take this stress off your hands.

To simplify things – YOU continue to enjoy the special moments & leave the rest to US. It’s that simple. It’s YOU&US.