Yes, there is a true Atlanta style. The reason it might be hard to recognize is that it is composed of so many things. Although we long ago outgrew stereotypes, it’s hard not to see a bit of Scarlett O’Hara’s spirit in it, as she pulls down the green velvet curtains to make a dress for pitching a business deal. A bit cartoonish by today’s lights, the scene still sort of has it all. The unwavering focus on the future, the recognition of the value of the past, and the ingenuity to put it to work on a new set of challenges and opportunities. What’s so about Atlanta style is equally true of Atlanta real estate.

A style in which art and commerce, inspiration and action, heart and hands are all just life – that’s the un-self-conscious yet on-target foundation of how we dress, where we live, what we enjoy, and how we build while we earn it all, here in Atlanta. The exclusionary attitudes and outlook of some of our forebears is as gone as the bustles and corsets and lace.

If It Works, You’ll See It Here

As a crossroads community, Atlanta shares with seacoast towns that awareness that comes with connecting people to distant influences. It’s a life that defies pettiness and factions. This outlook brings with it the resourcefulness that comes with an open mind, and the effects of that enterprising view are all around us today, in Atlanta new construction, as well as in the ways we enjoy life here.

There’s not a fashion influence or designer anywhere in the world who you can’t reach right here in Atlanta. And even more important to Atlanta style is the original thinking this access inspires.

Come September, we’ll once again have a particular place for seeing our local designers’ latest work at the Atlanta Fashion Designers Show at the Cobb Galleria. It’s hard to believe these designers even stop long enough to exhibit, the energy of Atlanta fashion is so great. From formal to casual, the occasions of a life well-lived are clothed to enhance the moment, inside and out. The ability of fashion to influence the persons who wear it and the persons see them is a kinetic circle that’s very much part of life in Atlanta.

The designers expected to exhibit at this September’s show include artists who aim for fulfilling the desires of mainstream and particular interests with equal aplomb. Whether dressing for agreement in business, for comfort in your me-time, or to make a statement that harmonizes with one of life’s real occasions, you’ll see a designer who understands here.

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