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The Atlanta BeltLine has acquired 4.5 miles of the Southside Trail Corridor in a $25.8 million purchase from CSX. It will become the Southside Trail and will one day be a critical transportation conduit through the south side of Atlanta. The Southside Trail connects the Westside and Eastside Trails at the southernmost part of the Atlanta BeltLine loop. The 22-mile loop to-be runs from University Avenue to Glenwood Avenue. This investment in transportation infrastructure will contribute to a more economically inclusive and connected Atlanta.

The Southside Trail will be designed similar to the Eastside and Westside Trails. The 14-foot wide concrete trail will have vertical connections, stormwater infrastructure, underground utilities, pedestrian accommodations, landscaping, lights, cameras, public art, and acres of trees and greenery.

The acquisition represents the largest single land transaction remaining to close the Atlanta BeltLine loop. The old rail was previously used for freight so extensive maintenance must be done before it can be opened as an interim hiking trail. It is said to be opened by the end of the year.

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