The Atlanta City Council passed an ordinance Aug. 6 authorizing portions of Third Street, Fourth Street, 13th Street and Peachtree Place to be transformed from one-way to two-way streets. The goal is to smooth traffic flow, improve safety, and allow better access to homes and businesses. 1.1 million is estimated to be put into the project by the Midtown Alliance.


Dan Hourigan, director of transportation and sustainability for Midtown Alliance, said adding more two-way streets to Midtown will make the area easier to navigate for drivers, especially visitors from out of town who aren’t familiar with the area.


The streets targeted for conversion:

  • Third Street from Spring Street to West Peachtree Street and from Peachtree Street to Juniper Street.

  • Fourth Street from Spring Street to Myrtle Street.

  • 13th Street from Juniper Street to Piedmont Avenue.

  • Peachtree Place from Spring Street to a private driveway located approximately 70 feet east of Williams Street.

The project will also involve replacing pavement patching, pavement markings, installing new signs and modifying traffic signals.


According to Hourigan, The design phase of the project is about 90 percent complete. Once that’s done, Midtown Alliance will hire a construction contractor with plans to start the work early next year.