Cindy Fon is a native of Taipei, Taiwan and joined her family in Marietta, GA at the age of sixteen. She is fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese. Cindy is passionate  about arts, cultures and a big time foodie. She considers her Grandmother her biggest inspiration. Her grandmother raised her and helped to influence her love of the arts as a fine art professor and expressionism painter in Taipei since the 1970’s.
In 2015 Cindy decided to put her talent and energy into her dream career, assisting people in finding their perfect home to create what matters most to her, family. Prior to this, Cindy pursued degree in Visual Arts and worked over a decade in top tier luxury boutiques as a top Sales Professional and Manager in the Buckhead area. 
Cindy has an extensive network in the luxury world. From jewelry to real-estate and deep into the art world (specifically the Asian market), Cindy is able to pull together top tier talent from several necessary aspects of life to offer her clients the best of the best in properties, community and design. 

To contact Cindy for assistance with your next real estate transaction, you may call or email her at:

404 333 3610