In Atlanta, it’s a well-known fact that there are a host of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops around the Metro Atlanta area. Each one, while uniquely different, establishes a sense of community that flourishes in our city. While Atlanta is known for its thriving nightlife, there are also many fantastic local coffee shops, that play an essential role in the busy live of Atlantans. Whether you are ordering the essential morning cup of coffee or are looking for a place to grab an after-work cocktail, here are the some of the top places to grab a drink (boozy or not) around Atlanta.

Bars and Restaurants

5Church Atlanta

This sophisticated Midtown restaurant has a beautiful setting that is a great spot to grab a drink. Try their new take on a hot toddy. Cranberry, pecan bitters, lemon, and bourbon served in a sugar-rimmed glass, pairs perfectly with the fine-dining menu options available at the restaurant.

Bar Margot

Named for Margot Tenenbaum from the movie The Royal Tenenbaums, Bar Margot, is a swanky restaurant featuring fabulous dishes, fantastic cocktails and a warm atmosphere located in the Four Seasons Hotel. A perfect place to grab to a drink with a friend, we suggest trying their house cocktail, Gin Margot, Bar Margot’s twist on a traditional gin and tonic.

Hampton + Hudson

There are many reasons why we love to grab a drink at Hampton + Hudson at Inman Park, but our main one is their boozy take on a classic hot chocolate. The H+H hot chocolate is made with bourbon cream, brandy and topped with burnt marshmallows creating the perfect pick-me up on a cold day.

Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall

Located on the beltline, Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall is serving up spiked hot apple cider made with North Georgia apple cider, brandy and ancho reyes chile liquor. Get it in a single serving mug, or bring friends and splurge on the 1.1-liter thermos that can serve up to 5 people.


Located in Grant Park, Buteco Coffee & Bar is a Brazilian-inspired, full-service coffeehouse by day and bar at night with a comfortable, friendly setting. Many visit this bar for the live music and their signature cocktail the caipirinha.

Foxtrot Liquor Bar

Friendly and inviting, Foxtrot Liquor Bar is located in the heart of midtown. A perfect blend of high-end and low-end, Foxtrot encompasses the atmosphere of a neighborhood bar while still retaining an intimate cocktail setting. The cocktail list progresses from “Bright and Lively” to “Herbal Remedies” to “Stranger Things.” Try their Spruce Goose, a fruity concoction of gin and pineapple.

Coffee Spots

Octane Coffee Bar

Octane prides itself on using sustainable green coffee from around the world. With a local focus, Octane gets their milk products from a local diary and roast their coffee beans right next to the café. Originally located in Grant Park, Octane also has locations in Buckhead, Westside, and Midtown. If you like a sweeter tasting coffee, try their white lightening blend which has sweet fruit-flavored notes.

Taproom Coffee & Beer

Taproom Coffee is a specialty coffee and craft beer bar located in the historic Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta. They are dedicated to serving the best coffee, partnering with East Pole Coffee Co. and also offer a spectacular selection from breweries in Atlanta and elsewhere. They also provide fresh-baked pastries and other tasty items from Atlanta-based H&F Bread Co. and Ratio Bakeshop.

Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee

With locations in Midtown, Atlantic Station, Roswell and Cumming, Land of Thousands Hill Coffee is a community that invests in coffee farming villages to provide living wages, education, healthcare and clean water all while celebrating the craft of specialty coffee. $15 gets you a monthly subscription of fair trade coffee beans.

Momo Café

This small, two-story café is part of a Japanese fast-casual restaurant, Momonoki, from chef Jason Liang and John Chen. Momo offers traditional coffee drinks’ including nitro. They also offer teas; try their matcha or hōjicha latte. To complement the drinks, they also serve desserts, sweets and pastries made in-house with Japanese techniques and ingredients. The café includes indoor seating on the second level which overlooks the Connector.

For many people, there are a host of factors to consider when choosing a place to live Atlanta. Some of these include what schools are in the areas and also the proximity to restaurants and shopping. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a condo in Midtown or a beautiful loft in Downtown, no matter where you live in the city there are always many options around town to try some fantastic bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. As the Atlanta leader in real estate and new development, we would love to help you with your next real estate transaction. Feel free to give us a call at 404-845-7724 or visit our website