The place to take care of business, the bathroom is one of the more functional parts of the home. If you’re looking to refresh your bathroom we’ve got you covered. Read on to see what bathroom design elements we are loving right now.

Matte Black accents

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Lately it has become more popular for consumers and brands to include bold, dark bathroom accents into their spaces. Using black as a bathroom accent can completely change the feel of your space, adding a luxurious high-end finish to your bathroom.

Exposed Shower Plumbing

To add a more industrial feel to your bathroom, consider updating your space with an exposed shower head and plumbing. Dark exposed plumbing pairs beautifully with white or light grey marble and glass features.

Statement Art

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Every room in your home deserves to look beautiful. One way to add some character to your bathroom is by adding a bold focal-piece of art. Adding color and texture to your space with different sizes of art, and unique framing can make the biggest impact. Because moisture easily accumulates in a bathroom, we recommend using posters or prints from online retailers instead of hanging a priceless piece of art to add a beautiful focal point.

Statement Walls

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Just because the bathroom is a small space, doesn’t mean it still can’t pack a punch. Adding a bold wallpaper with a dramatic pattern or bright color can add drama to your space.

White and Grey Marble

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White and grey marble continue to be strong, and popular material that many incorporate into their bathrooms. Marble adds a classic and timeless feel to your space. Marble also adsorbs water quickly making it the ideal addition for bathroom use. Whether you include it on walls, floors or countertops, incorporating marble makes a statement.

Neutral Palette

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To keep a modern and classic look to your bathroom, using a neutral monochromatic palette creates a timeless feel. Sticking to one color or using the same materials is a great way to achieve this look.

Spa-like Designs

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More and more people want to have a spa-like experience in the comfort and privacy of their own bathrooms. Luxurious products such as waterfall systems, heated floors, and frameless shower doors help create these spa-like designs. As home-owners are looking for a bathroom that offers an escape from the busyness of life, expect for spa-like bathrooms to become a lasting trend.

Vessel Sinks

Vessel Sinks add a touch of creativity and drama to your bathroom space. Their unique shape and designs can add a striking focal point in a small space.

Vanities in front of windows

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We love having windows in bathrooms because they provide great natural light. When there is a beautiful view, we recommend adding a vanity in front of a window as it serves as a great place take in the view.

Pewter and Gunpowder Hardware

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Pewter and Gunpowder hardware is a new trend taking 2019 by storm. We love how these options aren’t as harsh as black, but still gives fixtures some depth and warmth to your space.

Whether you’re looking to update or completely renovate your bathroom, there are many options to rework and refresh the atmosphere. Like any room in your home, the bathroom shouldn’t be a space that is overlooked.

While the bathroom may only be a functional space in your home, incorporating new design details can create a space that you feel comfortable to unwind and relax in. As the Atlanta leader in real estate and new development, we love to help you find the perfect place to call home. For assistance with your next real estate transaction, call us at 404.845.7724 or visit our website