This recent warm weather has us dreaming about summer nights, and what better way to have a fun summer than right in your own backyard?

When it comes to your backyard patio, finding the Best Patio Furniture for Your Yard can help provide long-lasting enjoyment and a place to comfortably entertain all of your guests on those warm summer nights. If you are looking to redesign your patio, there are a couple of factors to consider before going on your furniture shopping adventure. For example, knowing the size of the patio can determine just how much furniture the area can comfortably hold. It is important not to go too heavy on the furniture so that you do not overcrowd the area, especially if you are looking to entertain guests. Next, you will want to determine the theme and style of your backyard patio. Having an idea of what furniture you are looking for such as the color and fabric of each piece before going shopping can help save you time picking out the furniture.

When it comes time to pick out the right furniture, there are several different types available for you and your patio. For smaller sized patios, chairs are the perfect patio furniture to comfortably seat you and your guests; and, from woven to cushioned chairs, you can find many different kinds that can help set your patio apart from your neighbors. If your patio is slightly larger, outdoor sofas will be the perfect fit. An added benefit to using sofas is that they come in all shapes and sizes; therefore, depending on the size of the patio you could get a smaller sofa and mix and match with patio chairs as well. Then, one common centerpiece to have on your patio is your table. Your table, whether a side table, an outdoor coffee table, or bar-height tables, should serve a functional purpose as well as bringing all of your patio pieces together at a central location.

Once you have picked out your furniture and placed them on your patio, the final step is to accessorize. Patio Productions writes about the top 6 Patio Furniture Design Trends in 2019, and they are sure to take your backyard oasis to the next level:

Lighting is the perfect addition to any good patio as it can help make a major difference when hosting summer night barbecues or just relaxing on a cool evening with a good book. There are several easy ways to have lights that enhance your patio’s features without having to install them yourself:

  • Hang string lights around your patio
  • LED floor lamps provide light and a pop of color
  • Patio umbrellas with built-in LED lights (protection from the sun in the day and lit up space during the night!)

Mixed Materials
There are several types of furniture you could get for your patio, and whether its wicker, cast iron or aluminum, mixing those different materials is a great way to stray away from the same style all throughout and have a fun, unique looking patio.

Dual Purpose Furniture
Dual Purpose Furniture is a great simple but functional style. It is perfect for any size patio to store cushions or other patio pieces during bad weather, and it helps you get the most out of each inch of space.

Mixing Indoor and Outdoor
Having a mixture of both indoor and outdoor furniture is a great way to use an endless amount of furniture opportunities and experiment with different kinds of design, materials and styles that will fit in any patio kitchen, bar area or a seating area. It is a trend that began in 2018 and since then has taken off with the many different opportunities of design.

Fire pits
Fire pits are the perfect focal point for any patio. It is a place for guests to gather, is great for making s’mores on a summer night or sitting by its warmth on a winter night. There are also several different kinds of fire pits, which means you can personalize one to fit your backyard’s aesthetic.

Adding fun colors to your patio is an easy way to spice up any backyard patio. Using fun throw pillows or colorful cushions helps make your patio unique and ready to entertain all of your guests!

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