After making its mark on the design world and understandably never fading as a major design trend, minimalist interior design has gotten a vibrant new twist as of recent, and we are here for it! Adding a pop of color here and there brings a whole new attitude to the minimalist trend. Whether in the form of a bright yellow throw pillow, a colorful pop of art on the wall, an accent furniture piece, or even wallpaper, this trend is here to stay. It ensures that your home can be a constant reflection of your mood, your style, and your flair, no matter how often that might change. By keeping an overall neutral palette and bringing out the personality of your space with accent pieces, it’s a cost effective (and FUN) way to spruce up your place without breaking the bank.

In the real estate world, minimalism is KEY. Having clean, timeless design aesthetics does wonders when selling a home. Personal taste will always vary, trends will come and go, but a minimalist base when designing, building, or renovating a home will ensure you are making a solid investment.

Don’t worry-having a minimalist design base never has to be boring! Check out a few of our favorite examples of this Minimalism Meets Bold trend below and be sure to follow us on Instagram & Facebook for daily design ideas and inspiration!

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