Home buying just got a little smarter, with Alexa-guided home tours at District Lofts, a modernized collection of expansive lofts overlooking Atlantic Station. Walking through these gorgeous, light-filled lofts, you might be so struck by the 22 ft ceilings and the superior design aesthetics, that you overlook some of finer points of the home. Don’t worry, thanks to Engel & Völkers Atlanta enabling Amazon’s popular virtual assistant, Alexa, you won’t miss those design details, she’s got you covered!

Smart home technology has become an absolute staple for many homeowners in recent years. Here are three more ultra-innovative devices to check out if you are looking to upgrade your home.

Be smart and energy efficient with Phillips Hue Smart Lighting bulbs. The individual bulbs can be controlled within Bluetooth range, but if you want to get the full benefits of this innovative product, you can purchase their controller system aptly named ‘Bridge’ which can connect up to 50 bulbs within your home, controlled through their app, from anywhere.

You may have heard of the smart refrigerator that makes your grocery list a no-brainer, but Samsung has kicked it up a notch with their Family Hub™ smart screen models. Not only do they have three interior cameras, so you can access every possibly angle of your fridge’s contents, from anywhere, you can also stream your favorite music, set lights, hear and speak to someone at your front door, monitor your baby’s room and receive laundry end of cycle notifications.

Want to save on water without having to constantly adjust your sprinkler system on or off, or worry about constantly checking the weather? A smart sprinkler controller is like a smart thermostat for your garden or yard. It optimizes your in-ground irrigation system by auto-adjusting to weather and soil conditions, making a healthy landscape easier while cutting water use. They can adjust to real-time weather conditions and integrates with many smart devices, yet remains simple to use.

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