There is no doubt about it, Atlanta is booming with development with the many live, work, play projects popping up around the city, to continued projects surrounding the Beltline that has transformed the metro area. To keep up with the influx of consumers and the availability of prime real estate, reputable restauranteurs are opening top notch dining options that are definitely worth a visit.

Planting its roots along the Westside Beltline trail is Boggs Social and Supply, the brain child of a partnership between East Atlanta staples, Gaja Korean and The EARL. Known for its unpretentious atmosphere, Boggs serves up Korean with a twist and has partnered with Ria’s Bluebird to bring brunch in on the weekends, appropriately called Ria’s Baby Bird. With an impressive selection of craft cocktails and craft beers, Boggs has already become a popular destination and staple restaurant in the up and coming West End neighborhood.

Taking over the now defunct Anchor Bar and Tattoo Studio on Piedmont Avenue is Little Rey from acclaimed restauranteur Ford Fry. While similar to his wildly successful Superica concept, Little Rey not only offers traditional Tex-Mex dishes like tacos and enchiladas, it also has made a splash with its whole and half bird chicken entrees. Counter service makes getting in and out a breeze and its reasonably priced dishes have no doubt made it a hit in the family friendly neighborhood of Piedmont Heights.

With the hype of the Beltline as well as the Bellwood Quarry project, the commercial real estate game has seen a surge in West Midtown. One of the new residents is Redbird from Zeb Stephenson. Many people recognize him from his appearance on chopped in 2012. He also has successful restaurants across the city including parish in Inman Park and the Livingston beneath the Georgian Terrace. Redbird fills the void left by Bacchanalia when the restaurant moved from the Westside Provisions District. The imaginative dishes are definitely the highlight of the dining experience, however craft cocktails have been developed to pair with the main dishes and are quickly stealing the spotlight.

With new development happening constantly in Atlanta and companies strategically relocating to the city to take advantage of everything it has to offer, be on the lookout for new culinary experiences in the New Year.