Now that the whirlwind of the holidays is behind us, January is a great time to get your life back in balance. Instead of waiting for home improvement projects to rear their ugly head when a crisis arises, or wait until the clutter in your life is affecting your everyday mood, be proactive with a clean slate ahead.

In order to prevent feeling overwhelmed, plan out your year in advance, dividing the more daunting tasks with some of the more fun, easy activities. Let’s go through a sample undertaking of a busy, yet manageable six months of home improvement with ease.

JANUARY: Simplify your life by de-cluttering your home from unnecessary items. It is inevitable for the holidays to add decorations and gifts to your home inventory. It is incredibly easy to let these items pile up so be sure to get a jump on cleaning and taking away décor you don’t need.

FEBRURARY: With the crisp weather often keeping you hibernating inside, take advantage of this as a time to deep clean your bathrooms. While routine maintenance is always a good idea, every now and then giving the baseboards, tile grout, and toilet to a little extra attention can take the closest thing you have to a spa to a whole new level.

MARCH: Whether it’s your pantry, your garage, or your home office desk, use March as a month to organize all aspects of your home. Some areas will require more attention than others so make sure you allot the necessary time for the project so you aren’t caught doing a job half-way. Set your priorities, know what is important to keep, what can be trashed, and what can be donated, and let your end goal be the driving force to get it done.

APRIL: Spring has sprung and make sure you have what it takes to enjoy every ounce of sunshine and flowers by washing your windows and changing your window treatments. After the elements of winter add a layer of dirt and grime, be sure to give them a good cleaning in order to avoid any exterior damage. This can also be a great time to lighten up your interior décor with a new, cheerful curtain arrangement.

MAY: Give your kitchen a facelift with a simple, DIY project such as updating the backsplash, or venture for a more labor-intensive undertaking by also changing the cabinet color. Staying on top of trends and stylish upgrades can be a major benefit if you decide to sell your home. If you keep up with these cosmetic enhancements over time, you’ll be more prepared when the time comes to make a move.

JUNE: The heat is on and what better time to shed some of your old threads in preparation for fun in the summer sun? Depending on closet and storage space, re-arranging and purging clothes of seasons passed is not only an organizational tip, it is a necessity. This is a great time to give back in the form of clothing donations and providing options for those less fortunate.

The choice of how to schedule your months is up to you and dependent on your needs and priorities but planning is key to staying on top of a productive year. Cheers to 2020!