The 2010s have proven to be a decade of creation and innovation from fashion to technology and even furniture. It’s only appropriate that design trends change with that innovation. We’ve created our list of trends we are sure to see blossom this decade. Even some that have been brought back and revived.

Warmer Tones

After a decade saturated with grey tones, we are excited to start seeing warmer tones and patterns this time around.  From flooring to cabinetry, to pillows, you can anticipate a warm, welcoming color palate this year.


Bold Colors: Monochromatic + Black/White

Going beyond the pastels, bold monochromatics like cobalt, plum, or orange are coming into view. We are sure to see a wave of bright and funky colors as interior design trends shift to the new decade.


Dark and Colorful Doors

Out with the brown and boring, in with the yellow and bright, or black and dark. Both interior and exterior doors will start seeing a splash of color, adding warmth and character to any space.


No More Traditional Dining Rooms

Old wooden dining room tables and chairs are being swapped out for glass, or concrete tabletops and comfortable, cushiony upholstered chairs. Dining rooms are becoming less formal, providing better comfortability and fun.


Bold Trim and Craftsmanship

Creating contrast and adding character, trim and moldings will be getting more attention. Forget accent walls and throw in a contrasting trim or make it the same color as the walls for a unique monochrome space.



Yes, wallpaper has made a daring comeback over the past few years, so we are sure to see more of it. Thankfully, it won’t be as badly patterned as your grandparent’s bathroom wallpaper. We are sure to see trendy patterns and colors make their debut in 2020.


Dark and Whitewashed flooring

In the early 2000s we saw a trend of natural flooring, sticking to warmer colors like sandy or maple. But times have changed, and we are excited about it. You can be prepared to see dark and even whitewashed flooring, drowning out the yellow flooring tones we’re used to and eliminating unnecessary saturation. Opening up your décor pallet to use any color you want.



Now is the time to refurbish your spaces for a fresh ‘New Year’ feeling. Even the smallest changes, like adding a vase for a pop of color or switching your curtains out for something lighter, can transform your homes atmosphere.


If you’re looking for a major change, perhaps selling your home and finding your new dream, home, we are here to help! Contact us for your home buying or selling needs.