Over the past few years we have seen major growth in Atlanta. In just the past two decades, Midtown’s residential population alone has nearly doubled since 2000. Being a college town it’s no surprise when students come for school and eventually call the Peach city home, but over the years we’ve seen an influx of new neighbors from all over the country move in and get cozy.


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, an average of 36 people move to the city a day. With Atlanta being the number one most affordable big city, and number two for professional opportunities, it’s no surprise that so many people have migrated here. Atlanta was also ranked 64th on the 2019 Quality of living list, a study that evaluates local living conditions of more than 230 cities worldwide. Many people relocate from cities where they don’t see much opportunity in their field or where the cost of living comfortably isn’t as obtainable like New York, or San Francisco.


Atlanta is predicted to be the next center of the digital age and is already home to 16 Fortune 500 companies including the Home Depot, United Parcel Service, The Coca-Cola Company, among others. It’s also home to companies like Delta, CNN, AT&T, and Newell Brands providing thousands of jobs and aiding in Atlanta’s booming economy. People who relocate here have an array of career options making it easy to settle down.


Atlanta also has an array of diverse, vibrant communities offering much to choose from in terms of housing. From condos nestled in the midst of Midtown to quaint subdivisions with plenty of open, green space, there’s options for millennials starting fresh in their careers to retires looking to get away from the city but not too far.


The housing market in Atlanta is one of the most favorable having so many options to choose from and with those numbers continuing to grow we can expect the increase in population to continue. It’s extremely easy to fall in love with a city that offers so much; affordability, walkable neighborhoods, award-winning entertainment, historical charm, and the all too familiar southern hospitality.  The city is home to many promising start-ups and business opportunities, a great economy, rates of job growth, affordable housing and the most sought-after neighborhoods for everyone.


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