For many people, Easter will look a lot different this year.  And even though we will likely be celebrating from home rather than with family and friends, there are many unique ways to do so without leaving your house.  We’re making it easy to have an intimate Easter gathering with your loved ones. Take a look at our list of 5 ways you can continue to celebrate and connect with your family.

Keep the activities

Easter egg painting isn’t canceled! Unleash your creativity with colorful dyes, paints, markers, and confetti to dress your eggs!

Have an egg hunt

Bring the hunters and gatherers together for a backyard egg hunt. Your family will have a blast searching for candy-filled eggs and treats. Make the hunt extra special by adding balloons filled with clues for the scavenger hunt.

Stream church services online

You can still attend Easter services virtually with your family at home. Fox 5 Atlanta put together a list of churches that will stream their services online this Sunday.

Go live and share what your family is doing

We are in a time with the latest technology in the palm of our hands. Use social media to connect with friends and families by going live and show what you’re doing to celebrate. You can use Facebook or Instagram to go live and they can join and watch your Easter activities.

Group video chat family

Using FaceTime, Google Hangouts and Zoom, you can easily do group video chats with your family and friends. Share a toast or play games virtual. Use this list of games you can play on group video chats to get the fun started!


Give Back

Easter is a time to give back with acts of kindness to those in need and donations to charities that serve them. Make an online contribution and help support those who need it most: