You’ve been working from home for the past few weeks and it seems like your days are getting blended together. It’s hard to remember what day it is sometimes! We get it. Working from home over time can become repetitive and mundane, so keeping it fresh can be a challenge. In honor of International Fun at Work Day we want to share our top 10 ways to keep working from home productive, but fun at the same time!


Change the scenery

When working from home it’s easy to get too comfortable. Try switching it up by moving your ‘office’ around; if it’s a nice day, take it outside and enjoy the sun while completing your task.



Video chat with productive people

Chat with people having a productive conversation while working. Let them know what your tasks are today and elaborate a little about them. It can be refreshing to discuss this with friends and may even spark some productive ideas.

Play some fun music

If you usually don’t listen to music while working, try it! Or if you already do, switch it up by listening to something you’ve never heard before.

Tell funny work from home stories

Did you make your dog employee of the month or brush your teeth during a conference call? Share your funny working from home stories with friends. It’ll remind you that it’s not so bad after all.

Spruce up your work area

Add a plant, organize your desk, or splurge a little and get a new mouse pad. The added flare will make coming to your workspace a little more exciting.

Spend your lunch break doing something different

Instead of using your lunch break (you know, because you should still take these) to prepare your food and eat, prep something the night before like a sandwich, and take a walk. Refresh yourself instead of sitting around the house and eating.

Learn something new

Sign up for a daily fun fact and learn something new. Whether it be a fact about your community, your job or even a simple task, add something of value to your daily activities to keep your mind moving.

Get your kids involved

If possible, get your family involved in your daily tasks. It doesn’t have to be extreme, it can be something as simple as having your child help you go over your schedule. Or, setting up a desk beside yours where they can do their school work while you do your ‘adult’ work.

Share memes with colleagues

Help keep your coworkers engaged by sharing relatable memes. Sometimes we need a little giggle in between emails to keep our days fun.

Review what you’ve accomplished

Take the end of your day to go over everything you’ve completed. You forget how much you accomplish when working from home so don’t forget to acknowledge what you’ve completed and give yourself credit.