Gov. Brian Kemp has officially announced the state of Georgia would begin to allow certain businesses to open in hopes of encouraging a return to normalcy. Many of us have been anxious to head outside and go about our days as we would have nearly 3 months ago.

With what’s considered our ‘new normal’, we must all be taking precautions to ensure the safety of ourselves and those around us when we are in public spaces.

  1. Wear your mask

This has been one of the most crucial changes when we go outside now. Always have a mask with you. There are some businesses that won’t allow you inside without the proper mask so always make sure you are wearing yours.

  1. Have your hand sanitizer handy

Keeping a travel sized bottle of hand sanitizer with you can make a huge difference when you aren’t near soap and water.

  1. Be careful about what you touch

Remember to be mindful and don’t touch anything if you don’t need to. Keeping your hand sanitizer handy is extremely useful while you’re out as well, just in case you do touch something.

  1. Keep your distance

Stay away from people, keeping a minimum of 6-feet distance when in public spaces. Many stores have placed stickers on the ground so you can know exactly how far apart you should be. There are many ways to remember how far apart you shound be when social distancing too!

  1. Find open outdoor spaces for recreational activities

If you plan on partaking in outdoor activities, find open spaces with lots of room so you can keep your distance from those around you. If it looks too busy and can’t find enough space to keep your distance, try another day. It will be there tomorrow!

6. Keep up with official patronizing guidelines

Wherever you are, you will find guidelines on best practices to stay safe while visiting public spaces. Always read and follow these rules to ensure the safety of you and everyone around you.

7. Don’t neglect sterilizing your car

Wiping down your car steering wheel, handles, mirrors, and other times you usually touch after a trip to the store can make a big difference. Try sanitizing your car every time you get home from your errands.