Sprucing Up Your Backyard Getaway

Bring in the warm colors, poolside chic and lemonade. Summer is upon us. During the warmer months, you’re likely to spend more time outside lounging and entertaining, and there’s no doubt your outdoor space has been in a state of hibernation since last year.

Not only does sprucing up your outdoor space create an official area for you to relax or host events, but outdoor living spaces offer a good return on your investment and increase your property value, so, we’ve created a list of our top 5 ways you can ‘zhuzh’ up your space and bring it to life!



  1. Put down a rug

It may seem simple, but an outdoor rug can make your outdoor space pop with color, adding a warm touch and personality. Finding a rug that blends well with your space can soften to hardscape and bring everything together with a pop.

  1. Start painting

Add a fresh coat of paint to your outdoor furniture. Change up the color completely to something bright and cheerful or if you have natural-colored wood furniture, give those rough spots a quick sanding and apply a fresh coat of an outdoor finish to bring it back to life.

  1. Bring in the light

String some outdoor lights along the fence or over the patio and add to the ambiance for those late nights where you’ll be relaxing outside. By stringing the lights overhead, you’re essentially creating a ceiling plane, which helps make the space feel cozier and more inviting.

  1. Add some color

The smallest details can make a huge difference. Adding some colorful throw pillows in your outdoor furniture décor palette will create a warm, welcoming cozy space to your backyard or patio.

  1. Dress up the planters

Summer is a time for colors and greenery. Add some planters to add color to your porch. Even one or two planters is enough to enhance the area. If you’re short on floorspace, install some hooks and hang some baskets. If you have wide steps place planters on them to save room for seating on the porch. Window boxes can be added to railings to keep planters off the floor, but still add color too.

If you’re looking for a new home with an outdoor space you dream of or, interested in discussing how to get the best value for your home, our seasoned real estate advisors would be happy to assist you with your real estate goals. Just call us at 404.845.7724 or find out more at www.evatlanta.com.

8 Ways to Help the Environment

Happy Environment Day! We hope you are always doing everything you can to help protect our home and keep her green. There are plenty of things you can do every day to help reduce greenhouse gases and your carbon footprint to make a less harmful impact on the environment. Taking care of the Earth is not just a responsibility, it’s a necessity. Take a look at our top 8 ways to do your part for mother nature.



  1. Use Reusable Bags

Plastic grocery-type bags that get thrown out end up in landfills or in other parts of the environment. These can suffocate animals who get stuck in them or may mistake them for food. Also, it takes a while for the bags to decompose. Whether you are shopping for food, clothes or books, use a reusable bag. This cuts down on litter and prevents animals from getting a hold of them.

  1. Print as Little as Necessary

Now a days, you can usually sign documents, save files and more all digitally. Utilize your computer and reduce your printing as much as possible. When you do need to use paper ensure its recycled paper, and when you’re done, recycle it again. This even includes paper products like paper towels and tissue. Buy recycled products when you can to eliminate waste and save trees at the same time.

  1. Recycle

Recycling is such a simple thing to do, but so many people don’t do it. Many garbage disposal companies offer recycling services, so check with the company you use to see if they can help you get started! It is as simple as getting a bin and putting it out with your trash cans for free! Another way to recycle is to look for recycling cans near trashcans. Instead of throwing recyclables in the trash with your non-recyclables, make a point to take an extra step to locate recycling cans around you.

  1. Use a Reusable Beverage Container

Instead of buying individually-packaged drinks, consider buying a bulk container of the beverage you want and buying a reusable water bottle. Not only will this help the environment, but it will also help you save money since you are buying a bulk container. Or, if you frequent coffee shops, a lot of them offer a discount to customers who use a reusable container for their drinks. Starbucks, as an example, offers a small discount for customers who do this. Saving the environment and money? Win-win.

  1. Save Electricity!

Use energy-efficient light bulbs instead of regular bulbs. They last longer, which will save you a bit of money. Make you turn off lights, the TV, and other appliances when you are not using them. Lower your air conditioning or heat when it’s not necessary. This is especially true for between seasons. Open your windows in the early fall or layering your clothes in the early fall.

  1. Save Water

Water is wasted more frequently than we can see. Turn off the faucet as you are brushing your teeth. Don’t turn your shower on until you’re ready to get in and wash your hair. Limit your water usage as you wash dishes. Changing old habits will be good for both the environment and your wallet!

  1. Avoid Taking Cars or Carpool When Possible

Cars are harmful to the environment. Taking public transportation, walking, or riding a bike to work or school are better options that help the environment, as well as getting some exercise in! If you do need to use your car, find ways to carpool.

  1. Use Compostable Products

These days, you can find a compostable option of a lot of everyday products you use. From clothes and cutlery to diapers and even furniture. Buy compostable or biodegradable whenever possible to reduce the amount of trash that can end up in landfills and the ocean.


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Summer Home Check Up

Summer Home Check Up

As Summer slowly approaches, it’s imperative to check your things around your home and ensure everything looks good for the warm weather to come. Beyond the traditional Spring cleaning you’ve likely done this year, there are other items you should examine like the health of your roofing or your outdoor sprinkler system. We’ve created a list of the top 5 things you should check on before Summer arrives so you can complete your inspections and relax for the remainder of the season.



AC system

There’s nothing worse than having your air conditioning unit break when Summer is in full swing. Checking your HVAC system for leaks, changing the filter, and making sure your freon levels are good are minor things you can be doing to keep the health of your system top tier. For a complete HVAC system examination checklist, click here.

Inspect the roof

Flashing, caulking, shingles and other elements of the roof should be checked thoroughly. This is especially important if you had any severe spring storms. A simple inspection can stop larger problems in its tracks and means less hassle for you. Thankfully, you do not need to actually be on your roof to inspect it. Click here for a list of items to examine and how all from the ground.


Fix the sprinklers

Check for any winter damage, including broken heads and cracked pipes, by running your sprinkler one zone at a time. Any bubbling or geyser-like area needs a new head.



Check the fencing

If you have a wood fence, check the post for signs of rot and replace them as needed. If the plank itself looks fine, give it a good yank to make sure they are sturdy in the ground.

Get in the attic

This is especially important if you do not have a vent or fan to adequately circulate the air in this part of your home. If you use your attic for storage, go through the boxes and start cleaning out things you don’t need. Check for droppings from rodents as this could serve to be a bigger issue. Check and ensure there is proper ventilation, and no leaks. For a complete list of items to check in your attic, click here.


If you’re looking for something new this Summer, allow one of our seasoned Advisors to assist you with your buying and/or selling needs. We love to help you find the perfect place to call home! Call us at 404.845.7724 or visit our website https://evatlanta.com.

Staying Safe While Outside

Gov. Brian Kemp has officially announced the state of Georgia would begin to allow certain businesses to open in hopes of encouraging a return to normalcy. Many of us have been anxious to head outside and go about our days as we would have nearly 3 months ago.

With what’s considered our ‘new normal’, we must all be taking precautions to ensure the safety of ourselves and those around us when we are in public spaces.

  1. Wear your mask

This has been one of the most crucial changes when we go outside now. Always have a mask with you. There are some businesses that won’t allow you inside without the proper mask so always make sure you are wearing yours.

  1. Have your hand sanitizer handy

Keeping a travel sized bottle of hand sanitizer with you can make a huge difference when you aren’t near soap and water.

  1. Be careful about what you touch

Remember to be mindful and don’t touch anything if you don’t need to. Keeping your hand sanitizer handy is extremely useful while you’re out as well, just in case you do touch something.

  1. Keep your distance

Stay away from people, keeping a minimum of 6-feet distance when in public spaces. Many stores have placed stickers on the ground so you can know exactly how far apart you should be. There are many ways to remember how far apart you shound be when social distancing too!

  1. Find open outdoor spaces for recreational activities

If you plan on partaking in outdoor activities, find open spaces with lots of room so you can keep your distance from those around you. If it looks too busy and can’t find enough space to keep your distance, try another day. It will be there tomorrow!

6. Keep up with official patronizing guidelines

Wherever you are, you will find guidelines on best practices to stay safe while visiting public spaces. Always read and follow these rules to ensure the safety of you and everyone around you.

7. Don’t neglect sterilizing your car

Wiping down your car steering wheel, handles, mirrors, and other times you usually touch after a trip to the store can make a big difference. Try sanitizing your car every time you get home from your errands.

Market Update, April 2020

Despite much uncertainty revolving around the real estate industry in recent weeks, the market has proven to remain stable and has been showing signs of growth with new listings up 12.1% since April. Atlanta remains the 9th hottest housing market according to Atlanta Agent Magazine, and many are seeing now as a prime time to sell, with interest rates at historical lows and buyers wasting no time while house shopping. This has provided some optimism for those unsure about what’s to come of the Atlanta housing market.

With more serious people looking for homes and less inventory available, listing prices have seen a slight increase of 6.6%, but even so, it has yet to deter buyers. Homes continue to go under contract with pending listings up 6%, and overall under contracts up a complete 10%.

Real estate sales across metro Atlanta have experienced notable growth, revealing stable and promising conditions for new to market homes. For more information on market trends in regard to current nation-wide circumstances, contact us.



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6 Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day at Home

6 Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day at Home

Memorial Day is an annual holiday reserved for honoring our fallen heroes in the United States. While typically we would be outside with family and friends at a parade or a BBQ, this year will be a little different.

There are many ways to still celebrate and honor those at home. Here are our top 6 ways to celebrate Memorial Day without leaving home.


Remember What Memorial Day Represents

Remind your family why we celebrate Memorial Day and what it represents; honoring those who have fallen while serving our nation. 

Take a Moment of Silence

An important Memorial Day tradition is observing one minute of silence at 3:00 p.m. throughout America known as National Moment of Remembrance. Take time and dedicate one minute to those who have served our country.

Create Memorial Day Crafts

There are several fun crafting activities you can create at home using items you likely have around the house.

Bake Patriotic Treats

Get in the kitchen and have some fun! Get online and search for patriotic baking recipes you can do at home.

Listen to and Read Veteran’s Stories

Youtube and History.com have several stories available for you to read, watch, and listen to in honor of Memorial Day. Gather the family around as you dive into first counts of our national history.


Reach out to your local food banks and other programs and see if they are in need of donations. There are also many programs dedicated to our veterans who you can donate to online.

Watch a Memorial Day Concert
Each year PBS hosts their Memorial Day Concert on Sunday’s. You can watch their annual concert on PBS, or online.