Atlanta Housing Market Continues Momentum

Over the past few years we have seen major growth in Atlanta. In just the past two decades, Midtown’s residential population alone has nearly doubled since 2000. Being a college town it’s no surprise when students come for school and eventually call the Peach city home, but over the years we’ve seen an influx of new neighbors from all over the country move in and get cozy.


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, an average of 36 people move to the city a day. With Atlanta being the number one most affordable big city, and number two for professional opportunities, it’s no surprise that so many people have migrated here. Atlanta was also ranked 64th on the 2019 Quality of living list, a study that evaluates local living conditions of more than 230 cities worldwide. Many people relocate from cities where they don’t see much opportunity in their field or where the cost of living comfortably isn’t as obtainable like New York, or San Francisco.


Atlanta is predicted to be the next center of the digital age and is already home to 16 Fortune 500 companies including the Home Depot, United Parcel Service, The Coca-Cola Company, among others. It’s also home to companies like Delta, CNN, AT&T, and Newell Brands providing thousands of jobs and aiding in Atlanta’s booming economy. People who relocate here have an array of career options making it easy to settle down.


Atlanta also has an array of diverse, vibrant communities offering much to choose from in terms of housing. From condos nestled in the midst of Midtown to quaint subdivisions with plenty of open, green space, there’s options for millennials starting fresh in their careers to retires looking to get away from the city but not too far.


The housing market in Atlanta is one of the most favorable having so many options to choose from and with those numbers continuing to grow we can expect the increase in population to continue. It’s extremely easy to fall in love with a city that offers so much; affordability, walkable neighborhoods, award-winning entertainment, historical charm, and the all too familiar southern hospitality.  The city is home to many promising start-ups and business opportunities, a great economy, rates of job growth, affordable housing and the most sought-after neighborhoods for everyone.


If you’re looking into relocating, our experienced we can assist you with all of your needs – Contact us to speak with a knowledgeable Advisor today!

Valentine’s Day: Things to Do

Valentine’s Day is on a Friday this year, which means you can spend more time enjoying the night out. We’ve found a few fun and unique events happening this weekend.

Valentines in the Garden | Atlanta Botanical Garden

Friday, February 14, 7-11 PM

Enjoy an array of savory bites and desserts from Atlanta’s top chefs, dancing to live music, giveaways, vow renewals, and cash bars during Valentines in the Garden.


Camelot | Jennie T. Anderson Theatre

Friday, February 14th and Saturday, February 15th, 8 PM

A Broadway triumph which led to a beloved film as well as countless revivals across the world, Lerner and Loewe’s Camelot is a powerful classic. A timeless love story and grand adventure, with memorable favorites as “If Ever I Would Leave You”, “The Lusty Month of May” and of course “Camelot”, its charm and hope are eternal.

Wild at Heart Valentine’s Day Dinner | Zoo Atlanta

Friday, February 14th, 6 PM and 10:30 PM

Celebrate with your special someone at the all-new Wild at Heart Valentine’s Day dinner at Zoo Atlanta! Enjoy buffet dinner in the brand-new Michael & Thalia Carlos Ballroom, overlooking the African Savanna in the newly-renovated historic Savanna Hall. Mature audiences only.

Love Stories of Oakland: Valentine’s Day | The Historic Oakland cemetery

Friday, February 14th, 5:30 PM

Love never dies at Oakland Cemetery! Surprise your Valentine with a unique outdoor date night at Oakland Cemetery. Enjoy more than 20 tour stops through Oakland’s Victorian garden cemetery as we recount the loves of Atlantans of days past. Discover the symbolism of love found on monuments throughout the grounds and stories of devotion that extend into the afterlife.

2020 Interior Design Trends: What to Expect

The 2010s have proven to be a decade of creation and innovation from fashion to technology and even furniture. It’s only appropriate that design trends change with that innovation. We’ve created our list of trends we are sure to see blossom this decade. Even some that have been brought back and revived.

Warmer Tones

After a decade saturated with grey tones, we are excited to start seeing warmer tones and patterns this time around.  From flooring to cabinetry, to pillows, you can anticipate a warm, welcoming color palate this year.


Bold Colors: Monochromatic + Black/White

Going beyond the pastels, bold monochromatics like cobalt, plum, or orange are coming into view. We are sure to see a wave of bright and funky colors as interior design trends shift to the new decade.


Dark and Colorful Doors

Out with the brown and boring, in with the yellow and bright, or black and dark. Both interior and exterior doors will start seeing a splash of color, adding warmth and character to any space.


No More Traditional Dining Rooms

Old wooden dining room tables and chairs are being swapped out for glass, or concrete tabletops and comfortable, cushiony upholstered chairs. Dining rooms are becoming less formal, providing better comfortability and fun.


Bold Trim and Craftsmanship

Creating contrast and adding character, trim and moldings will be getting more attention. Forget accent walls and throw in a contrasting trim or make it the same color as the walls for a unique monochrome space.



Yes, wallpaper has made a daring comeback over the past few years, so we are sure to see more of it. Thankfully, it won’t be as badly patterned as your grandparent’s bathroom wallpaper. We are sure to see trendy patterns and colors make their debut in 2020.


Dark and Whitewashed flooring

In the early 2000s we saw a trend of natural flooring, sticking to warmer colors like sandy or maple. But times have changed, and we are excited about it. You can be prepared to see dark and even whitewashed flooring, drowning out the yellow flooring tones we’re used to and eliminating unnecessary saturation. Opening up your décor pallet to use any color you want.



Now is the time to refurbish your spaces for a fresh ‘New Year’ feeling. Even the smallest changes, like adding a vase for a pop of color or switching your curtains out for something lighter, can transform your homes atmosphere.


If you’re looking for a major change, perhaps selling your home and finding your new dream, home, we are here to help! Contact us for your home buying or selling needs.

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Getting Around Town

The landscape of Atlanta is ever-changing and often riddled with cranes, scaffolding, and traffic delays galore. The dynamic additions to the city scape are attracting companies and individuals in droves to call Atlanta home. However, one of the city’s major drawbacks has been access to public transportation, or the lack thereof.

Much to the delight of residents, newbies and veterans alike, Atlanta is finally doing something about it. Transit Oriented Development, or more familiarly referred to as TOD, is MARTA’s answer to revitalizing areas surrounding train stations as well as the idea to build more bus and rail lines. Accord to their website, MARTA describes TOD as “development that is vibrant, pedestrian-friendly, and genuinely integrated with transit. MARTA is pursuing TOD in an effort to increase ridership, generate new revenue and to support both local community development and regional economic development.”

Construction at the King Memorial station is slated to begin soon and projected to be completed in 2021. This will result in a new, mixed-use development including modular residential homes. The homes will be pre-fabricated and assembled on site making the development process move more quickly than most. The idea is to have the proximity of the development increase ridership of the transit system while also incorporating affordable housing options in an area that has experienced exponential cost increases in the recent years.

Another positive proposed addition to the reach of MARTA is the Clifton Corridor, a light rail line that aims to connect the Avondale station to the Lindbergh station via an artery through the Clifton campuses of Emory University and the Center for Disease Control. This will reduce the congestion on the roads in the area, allow for increased connectivity, and allow access for emergency transport to function with greater ease. MARTA does not have exact dates for the project but hopes to have it up and running in the next five years.

Another project in the beginning stages is the construction of a tower at the North Avenue Station. MARTA has just recently begun looking in to third-party assistance for the project but hopes the finished product, along with the other TOD initiatives, will increase connectivity with both rail and bus transportation.

Home Improvement Projects for the New Year

Now that the whirlwind of the holidays is behind us, January is a great time to get your life back in balance. Instead of waiting for home improvement projects to rear their ugly head when a crisis arises, or wait until the clutter in your life is affecting your everyday mood, be proactive with a clean slate ahead.

In order to prevent feeling overwhelmed, plan out your year in advance, dividing the more daunting tasks with some of the more fun, easy activities. Let’s go through a sample undertaking of a busy, yet manageable six months of home improvement with ease.

JANUARY: Simplify your life by de-cluttering your home from unnecessary items. It is inevitable for the holidays to add decorations and gifts to your home inventory. It is incredibly easy to let these items pile up so be sure to get a jump on cleaning and taking away décor you don’t need.

FEBRURARY: With the crisp weather often keeping you hibernating inside, take advantage of this as a time to deep clean your bathrooms. While routine maintenance is always a good idea, every now and then giving the baseboards, tile grout, and toilet to a little extra attention can take the closest thing you have to a spa to a whole new level.

MARCH: Whether it’s your pantry, your garage, or your home office desk, use March as a month to organize all aspects of your home. Some areas will require more attention than others so make sure you allot the necessary time for the project so you aren’t caught doing a job half-way. Set your priorities, know what is important to keep, what can be trashed, and what can be donated, and let your end goal be the driving force to get it done.

APRIL: Spring has sprung and make sure you have what it takes to enjoy every ounce of sunshine and flowers by washing your windows and changing your window treatments. After the elements of winter add a layer of dirt and grime, be sure to give them a good cleaning in order to avoid any exterior damage. This can also be a great time to lighten up your interior décor with a new, cheerful curtain arrangement.

MAY: Give your kitchen a facelift with a simple, DIY project such as updating the backsplash, or venture for a more labor-intensive undertaking by also changing the cabinet color. Staying on top of trends and stylish upgrades can be a major benefit if you decide to sell your home. If you keep up with these cosmetic enhancements over time, you’ll be more prepared when the time comes to make a move.

JUNE: The heat is on and what better time to shed some of your old threads in preparation for fun in the summer sun? Depending on closet and storage space, re-arranging and purging clothes of seasons passed is not only an organizational tip, it is a necessity. This is a great time to give back in the form of clothing donations and providing options for those less fortunate.

The choice of how to schedule your months is up to you and dependent on your needs and priorities but planning is key to staying on top of a productive year. Cheers to 2020!