The Qualities that Come to a Crossroads

Atlanta turns out to be not as old as people think. When we see Victorian costumes in movies set in Atlanta, we overlook the fact that the city was brand new in those times.

And Atlanta owes its existence and purpose to the fact that it’s a hub. It outgrew the rest of the South because it is a crossroads. Along with that role came the qualities that crossroads nurture: communication, awareness, fun and far horizons.

National events often take place in Atlanta for these very reasons. It’s fitting to convene where work and play are so effectively aligned. Atlanta is a dose of real city without a lot of the drawbacks. It’s for this reason that so many people are on the hunt for Atlanta residential real estate.

Dozens of Sporting Events are Just One Indication

The new Mercedes-Benz Stadium is just a catalyst. A big, luxurious, state-of-the-art catalyst with a retractable roof. Even under construction, the Stadium became the planned site for the College Football Playoff national championship game set for January 2018, the Super Bowl in February 2019, and basketball’s Final Four in April 2020.

And this three-year trifecta is only the latest example of Atlanta’s magnetic attraction for national – and international – events. Two previous Super Bowls were played here, as well as the Final Four and the All-Star Games for both Major League Baseball and the NBA.

Possibly the crowning confirmation of Atlanta’s power to attract came with hosting the Olympic Games in 1996.



Why Atlanta Wins the Bids for Big Events

Civic planners, marketing executives, and economic development experts have studied the way Atlanta won the Olympics. Not a gold medal you understand, but rather how we won the privilege of hosting and inspiring the best the world could send – and presenting their passions and talent to the world.

They don’t just give you the Olympics because it’s your turn. So many visits from the Olympic Committee, so much fact-finding, and so many agreements were made among ourselves and presented to the officials who represent the world.

As an example of the diamond-cutting detail it required, Atlanta’s task force planned every visit from an Olympic official in three-minute intervals. When the car would stop, who would open the door, what to discuss in the elevator. To people who study our Olympic case history, the level of effort Atlanta was able to marshal and focus continues to fascinate and educate.



Despite Its Success, Atlanta Never Lost Its Hunger – Or Its Charm

Location, transportation, capacity, facilities, and infrastructure all play a role in putting Atlanta on the list for consideration when national events are planned. Yet it’s the personality of the city that pulls it off. It’s a balance you might call aggressive and attractive at the same time, which has helped make midtown Atlanta real estate so attractive over the years.

It’s a rare thing to get right and it’s one of the things Atlanta does uniquely.

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