One of the most fun things about moving to a new place is developing your new routine. You may notice a change in hobbies, or your overall everyday activities may shift creating a new lifestyle in general. But what exactly is a lifestyle to begin with? Let alone, your lifestyle? To start, your lifestyle is easily defined as is the physical, psychological, social, and economical, values, interests, opinions, and behaviors of a certain individual, group or community.


Which lifestyle defines you the best? Take a look at our top 5!





If you are a hyperactive, outgoing, or a person who loves to always become busy or productive, this lifestyle is for you. An active lifestyle consists of having exercises daily, socializing with people, join groups or clubs in your neighborhood, and an active and healthy body and mind.


Healthy lifestyle can be defined similar to an active lifestyle but one where your daily activities heavily rely on healthy activities. This could mean living close to sources of healthy food options, near parks with trails and even sometimes even living in an apartment or home with workout equipment.


Modern living is a lot like a smartphone. It’s designed to reduce the small moments that take time out of your day, keeping things in one spot. If you use technology daily and even keep up with the latest tech, you can definitely classify yourself as a modern lifestyle aficionado.


If you are an artistic, spiritual, musical person, this lifestyle fits you. A bohemian lifestyle consists of traveling, seeking adventures, making time for your spiritual culture, artistic performances, and musical desires. You unleash the beast and go party, be an outsider, and tend to be very social.


Typically, a working lifestyle generally implies that the person enjoys their work; it can also imply that they simply feel compelled to do it. Do your daily activities revolve around your career? Did you move to that new condo because it’s closer to your job? It’s likely you live a working lifestyle.


Sometimes you can live a combination of lifestyles that make yours truly unique. But knowing your preferences can always benefit you when relocating to a new area. If you’re looking to live in the area that best fits your lifestyle, allow one of our seasoned Advisors to assist you with your buying and/or selling needs. We love to help you find the perfect place to call home! Call us at 404.845.7724 or visit our website