The High Museum opened an exhibition by Yayoi Kusama called Infinity Mirrors back in September. Since the opening, the exhibit has become a fan favorite, bringing in thousands of guests to enjoy the mind-boggling perspectives of endless mirrors. Atlanta is the last stop for the tour, which is also currently displayed in Cleveland. The tour has already been in New York City, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Toronto.

There are six infinity rooms along with 60 paintings, sculptures and works on paper from Kusama, which gives a view of her long career. Yayoi Kusama is among one of the many most influential artists of the twentieth century and has been creating visual marvels for over 60 years.

One of our staff members got to enjoy this amazing exhibit and captured a few photos for us to share.

All advance tickets are sold out for the exhibition, but 100 tickets will be available for walk-up purchase on a first-come, first-serve basis.